Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Getting Inspired for Winter?

Hello To Who Ever May Be Reading This..!

It's getting to that time of year now that the frost covers the ground in sheer whiteness. The sun is glaring down, reflecting on the frost, making it sparkle. Beautiful. Is the only word I can describe it as...

One morning while taking my dog out, I spotted a perfect opportunity to take some photographs.

 It then made me think about Winter Looks...

- Deep Red Lipstick - Dark Smokey Eyes - Over sized Hats - Timberland Boots - Woolly High-Length Socks - Scarf & Gloves - Camera - Blazers - 

Inspiration For Winter?!

My personal style, what's yours?

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My Fav Insta

Oh Hey There!?

How are we?! Getting ready to party for the New Year, 2014 has just flown by! ( I may share with you my past year in another post?! )

Anyway, today I thought I'd share with you my favourite Instagram Account!

Which btw, you can follow me at..


Well, back to the purpose of this post. I love - @tumblrrstuff

I love their theme, I adore their quirky, unique pictures they share and I love waiting to see what new posts appear on my wall each day from them! 

Here are a few of my favourite posts!...

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Boys, Boys, Boys..

Good Morning To Ya All..

It's currently 6:45am and I've woken up -.- 

Ughh I want to sleep but I just can't seem to drift off to sleep!

Thought I'd type a post to distract me instead!:)

Boys. Boys, Boys.!

Have you ever liked a guy that you can't get?! Have you ever fallen for a guy and they've completely mislead you?

I shall call him Chuck (due to the fact that's what my closest friend suggested?!)

Sometimes I feel I can't be myself around boys and that I have to have an 'act' on so I feel like I'm impressing them? (Girls are undo so much pressure to look 'perfect'.. but I'll save that rant for another day:)

But for some reason, it's the complete opposite with Chuck.. 

The down side -> he has a girlfriend <-  

Like a month ago, we started talking and don't get me wrong he was being really friendly, we got on straight away, had so much in common, and understood each other (a bit soppy but true!). 

But then he starts flirting with me, thinking nothing much of it, I carried on chatting with him. Then it's like a switch has been flipped and he's not the taken guy but the single guy, I mean it's as if he was looking for a gf?! The flirting got more 'intense' shall I say, aha, so being a wandering teenage girl, I questioned him and told Chuck I was starting to like him.

He was leading me on and I was falling for it.

Well falling for him ;)

He then says the reason whys he's doing it is cos he likes me back! 

"But you have a girlfriend?"
"I want to end it anyway, I'm not happy with her"

Guess what?! That day never came!

A month on and he's still with her. In that time we had an argument because he lied, and didn't end it at all. Eventually we became friends again and started chatting as normal friends would..!

But now, currently, it's like deja vu! The flirting has started again and I don't know what to do?!

I'd admit I don't mind it but would you care about a little flirting? So do I carry on, maybe he'll like me again? But I doubt it... Or do I say something?!

~~Opinions are needed!~~

A Teenagers' Life

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Capturing a memory through a snapshot...

Hello fellow bloggers!

I've always been keen on taking scenic photographs, to capture a memory. It's as if the world has come to a stand still, and everyone around us has gone silent just for that split second. It's like freezing a memory and storing it away so you can look at it whenever you want. 

I'll be posting many of my favourite photographs over time but for now, below are a few photographs to start it off.... 

May 2013

We got on a plane (the parents, sister and me) and travelled to Paris for a long weekend. It was amazing, seeing the Eiffel Tower first hand, it felt like a dream and I didn't want to wake up. We did all the sightseeing touristy things, it was breathtaking especially with the beautiful weather. 

I hope you enjoy these photographs and I look forward to seeing your thoughts about them. If you have any tips on photography to help me capture better pictures, please comment below!:)

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Starting A Blog?!

Hi Guys!

I've decided to start a blog! I don't know if it'll work, whether people will like what I'm posting but in some way this is my private life in which I can share secrets and private stuff. Expressing my feelings in some way, like an open councillor I suppose:)

Well anyway this is my first post!

I've always liked writing in a diary, the only diary I've ever properly written in is a long thin, pale pink one which had butterflies on it. Technically it's a journal, but what's the difference between a diary and a journal anyway? I first started the 'journal' in 2009 when I was 12  ~WOW~ 5 years ago, so now you've probably just worked out I'm 17! I got it for Christmas and it starts with each entry only being small but I wasn't exactly Bridget Jones back then, not even now!! Looking through it I shared some deep inner thoughts, things I wouldn't normally share with people... even though the last time I wrote in it was February of 2013! 

So that's why I've now come to start a blog! A little easier than a diary... I suppose, as I can share things with you guys and then you can let me know your thoughts (that's if anyone is actually reading this!) I know I'll never be as big as Zoella, or PointlessBlog or ThatcherJoe, which may I add, who I admire and would one day love to meet them! I think Zoella has been my biggest inspiration to start this blog.. 

I got her book 'Girl Online' this Christmas, which I absolutely loved. (If you haven't read it, I won't spoil it, but highly recommend it!!) I couldn't put it down, it made me laugh, cry, excited, such a mix of emotions yet thoroughly enjoyed it, and can't wait for her next one! Anyway, back to why it's my inspiration, the fictional character in Zoellas' book, Penny, created a blog to express her feelings and thoughts. I thought to myself I want to do the same, the feeling of letting things out and not keeping them bottled up inside, instead I want to be able to feel that I can express myself and not be judged by anyone. 

~Too much soppy talk now?~ 

I'll stop. Think I've written enough for my first post, I just have a problem of 'rambling' on as mum would say! 

I hope to carry on this blog, even if it does mean I'm talking to myself! 

Thanks for listening, and any comments are welcome:)

A Teenagers' Life  

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