Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Boys, Boys, Boys..

Good Morning To Ya All..

It's currently 6:45am and I've woken up -.- 

Ughh I want to sleep but I just can't seem to drift off to sleep!

Thought I'd type a post to distract me instead!:)

Boys. Boys, Boys.!

Have you ever liked a guy that you can't get?! Have you ever fallen for a guy and they've completely mislead you?

I shall call him Chuck (due to the fact that's what my closest friend suggested?!)

Sometimes I feel I can't be myself around boys and that I have to have an 'act' on so I feel like I'm impressing them? (Girls are undo so much pressure to look 'perfect'.. but I'll save that rant for another day:)

But for some reason, it's the complete opposite with Chuck.. 

The down side -> he has a girlfriend <-  

Like a month ago, we started talking and don't get me wrong he was being really friendly, we got on straight away, had so much in common, and understood each other (a bit soppy but true!). 

But then he starts flirting with me, thinking nothing much of it, I carried on chatting with him. Then it's like a switch has been flipped and he's not the taken guy but the single guy, I mean it's as if he was looking for a gf?! The flirting got more 'intense' shall I say, aha, so being a wandering teenage girl, I questioned him and told Chuck I was starting to like him.

He was leading me on and I was falling for it.

Well falling for him ;)

He then says the reason whys he's doing it is cos he likes me back! 

"But you have a girlfriend?"
"I want to end it anyway, I'm not happy with her"

Guess what?! That day never came!

A month on and he's still with her. In that time we had an argument because he lied, and didn't end it at all. Eventually we became friends again and started chatting as normal friends would..!

But now, currently, it's like deja vu! The flirting has started again and I don't know what to do?!

I'd admit I don't mind it but would you care about a little flirting? So do I carry on, maybe he'll like me again? But I doubt it... Or do I say something?!

~~Opinions are needed!~~

A Teenagers' Life

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