Monday, December 29, 2014

Capturing a memory through a snapshot...

Hello fellow bloggers!

I've always been keen on taking scenic photographs, to capture a memory. It's as if the world has come to a stand still, and everyone around us has gone silent just for that split second. It's like freezing a memory and storing it away so you can look at it whenever you want. 

I'll be posting many of my favourite photographs over time but for now, below are a few photographs to start it off.... 

May 2013

We got on a plane (the parents, sister and me) and travelled to Paris for a long weekend. It was amazing, seeing the Eiffel Tower first hand, it felt like a dream and I didn't want to wake up. We did all the sightseeing touristy things, it was breathtaking especially with the beautiful weather. 

I hope you enjoy these photographs and I look forward to seeing your thoughts about them. If you have any tips on photography to help me capture better pictures, please comment below!:)

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