Saturday, February 28, 2015

Knowing The Truth About My Future?!?

Hello, Bonjour and Hola!

Can I just firstly apologise for not writing a post in like two months! I've just been so busy with coursework, and these past couple of months have literally flown by! My God, it's the 1st of March tomorrow! Only 5 months till I'll be on a sandy beach in Gran Canaria!

Wow, anyways, today's post is purely based on my own personal views, so please don't feel I'm judging anyone or trying to change your opinion, because that's definitely not what i want to do! 

So tomorrow, me and a friend ( are going to a Angelic Psychic Fair. This will offer card readings, Crystal Ball readings, healings, therapies and many stalls selling a variety of hand-made healings, gifts, crystals and jewellery. I'm not really sure what to think about this if I'm perfectly honest, but what I can say is that this will be a great experience, something that I've never done before! 

Now, me personally am not into all this spiritual feelings and I'm not very superstitious. However if after tomorrow things come true, like the reading says, it doesn't mean I won't not change my opinion about seeing into the future. Apart of me wants to believe it, and that I'm really excited to see my future. However I am slightly nervous about hearing the truth, and knowing that something awful might happen in the near future!

I think many people don't want to believe about the readings because they're afraid it might come true, especially if it's not great news! But I mean, in some ways you'd be prepared for it and you could make the most of what you have now! 

So yeah, you'll be hearing from me in the next couple of days, of what it was like! I'll write what happened, and give you me opinion about the whole process, for those who are nervous and unsure whether to go to a reading. Wish Me Luck?! 

For those interested in where I'm going tomorrow, I'll leave the link of the website...

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