Saturday, March 07, 2015

Bedroom Haul?!

Hey my late night readers!

Okay so maybe right now it's not that late, 9:30pm but by the time this actually goes up it'll probably be half 10! 

Well anyway, tonight I thought I'd treat you to a little bedroom haul type post? Whatever it's called, I'll try and make it sound interesting!

So I'm one of those people who love buying accessories for there bedroom! I have a theme of deep purples and creams, but i also adore quirky little decor... hope you enjoy:)

~Bed frame - Amazon - £129.99
~Pillows - Have no idea where they are from! Two are feather and the top two are allergy free (+mega comfy!)
~Blanket - Got given as a present years ago, but many homeware shops sell them!

~Wooden Love Hear Hanging - Christmas Present however more and more shops are starting to sell them!
~Dream Catcher/Wind Chimes - Physic Fair - £2.99 - super cute hanging in the window when the breeze catches on the chimes!

~Apple and Spiced Candle (Left) - ASDA - Christmas Present
~Spice Scented Candle (Centre) - Wilkinson's - a bit christmassy but I got given so many candles as presents!
~Mulled Wine & Winter Berry Candle (Right)- Christmas Present
~Small Purple Stone (Scorpio Gem Stone) - Physic Fair - £0.50
~Cacti - Hobbies Garden Centre - £2.50 - Super cute and so easy to look after as not much watering required!
~Small White Buckets - HobbyCraft - £1.00
~Shells - came as a wider selection from a Gift Shop in Great Yarmouth - £5.00

~Love Heart Wall Hanging (Left) - Primark - £2.00

~Small Heart Decoration (Right) - HobbyCraft - £1.00

~Wooden Love Heart Decoration (Left) - HobbyCraft - £1.50

~Love Heart, Metal Jewellery Hanger (Right) - Ebay - £5.00 - Has lasted me ages, and can hold a large amount of jewellery!

~Clear Glass Jar - Tesco - £5.00 - perfect for storing nail vanishes or makeup!

~Shattered Glass Effect Jar - The Range - £2.50 - Great sized jar for Tea Lights
~Seashell Room ScentPhysic Fair - £3.00 
~Jar with Fairy Lights - Australia - Got given as a present
~Bedside Lamp - The Range -  £8.00 

~Black Plastic Basket  - Lakeland - £2.00 - perfect for storing electrical hair styling equipment away!

So that's my bedroom haul! 
Don't often do these sort of posts, so if you wish to see more of them please comment below! 

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  1. love your bed area, it looks so cosy! and I adore all of the little decor bits too, I'm a bit obsessed with that kind of stuff, my room is absolutely full of it! x

  2. Awhh thanks so much! I agree, I cant help myself when I'm in shops!