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Netflix Favourites..

Hey you weekend readers..?!

You may be painting your nails or getting your hail done while reading this, getting ready to go out for a Saturday Night. But if not grab a cuppa, or a chocolate bar, I bet you have a secret stash somewhere, don't you

In these next couple of posts I thought I'd share with you two of my favourite Netflix Series. I personally don't have Netflix, but begging the parents to get it! Whenever my close friend Georgia ( comes round, or I go to her always, without question we are straight on Netflix! Don't know what we'll do if the internet goes!! These two Netflix Series which I'm about to share with you are mine and G's frequent and most favourite views. 

The first one Bates Motel is a series we started together back before New Year. We finished the first series, and they have recently announced that Season 2 is on Netflix right now! I can't wait to start watching it, the sooner the better!

Norman and Norma
So in Season 1, on the very first episode, we are introduced to a family, Norman and Mrs Norma Bates. - This isn't your regular family - After Norma's husband being killed in their own house, they decide to buy a Motel to have a fresh start. Even though the place is run down, Norma is determined to make a go of it, at the same time Norman makes a good impression on some of the girls at school. 
On one of the first nights of the two owning the motel, Norman sneaks out to see one of the girls as his mum isn't keen on them being around him. While Norma is home alone things end badly when the former owner, Keith breaks in and rapes her. Norman comes home and sees that things aren't right,and knocks the attacker out. Norma then kills the attacker in great rage by stabbing him several times. As soon as they realise what has just  happened they decide to leave the body in one of the rooms over night before disposing it in the lake the next day.  
Once they've disposed of the body, they decided to redecorated all the motel rooms. As Norman is ripping up a carpet he discovers a sketchbook which has drawings of young girls. Norman shows his close friend, Emma the sketchbook, questioning if its actually real. However when the town sheriff and his deputy notice that the man has gone missing they start questioning the family.
Dylan, Norma's older son arrives in to town which causes arguments between the family. Dylan then starts his new job, watching marijuana plants while Norma starts to get closer to Deputy Shelby, so she can take the evidence of which was a belt of the former owner.  Norman sneaks into Shelbys house to retrieve the evidence, but on the way he finds a girl in the basement. Luckily Dylan followed in and created a diversion, so Norman could get out. He tells his mum about the girl, but she doesn't believe it and tells Norman he sometime sees things that aren't actually there. 
Deputy Shelby
When she later stays over at Shelbys house, she decides to check the basement out but the girl has gone. Later on the police find Keiths body and arrests Norma, who then gets bailed out by his son who she then makes feel guilty as he wasn't there at the time of the arrest. Dylan however proves to be supportive and decides to move out, which he then later offers Norman the chance to move in with him.  
The family finds the Asian girl, and keeps her in one of the Motel rooms. Emma wants to call the FBI, about the Asian sex ring, but Norma stops her as she wants to get the evidence first. When Shelby stops by the motel, he finds the girl and takes after her when she runs into the woods. When he returns, the only thing on his mind is to kill the Bates family. However, in all the confusion, Dylan gets shot, but it's Shelby that gets killed. 
Several days later, even though the motel isn't quite open, Norma gets her first guest, Jake who claims to have been a regular when Keith owned the place. He asks Norma that he rents the whole place out, he pays in cash in advanced and he requires complete privacy, he assures her that nothing illegal is happening. Norman has troubles at school, and is recommended that he seeks professional help, although when he does visit a psychologist, it doesn't go well. 
A following night, as Norma is suspicious of Jake,  she decides to follow him to see what he's up to. She finds he's looking for something of Keiths boat, so later on she advices him to leave the motel but he isn't happy about that. Later on in the week, while going into her room, to her shock she finds Shelbys  dead body laying on her bed where she is certain it's Jake. Norma regrets buying the Motel and wants to move again but Norman makes it clear that's the last thing he wants. Then when she returns to the motel, she is not happy to see Dylans crew smoking marijuana outside their rooms. 
Meanwhile Norman's teacher, Miss Watson wants to get one of his stories published but Norman disagrees about the idea. One night, Jake expects to meet up with Norma, however she turns to the Sheriff for help. He assures her he'll sort it out, but not quite assured, Norma asks Dylan to get her a gun and teach her how to use it. 
Later on in the week, during school, Norman overhears his teacher having an argument over the phone. She is clearly upset and Norman promises not to tell anyone, but her attraction to Norman becomes stronger. 
Norman asks Emma to go to the winter dance but it doesn't go well after he keeps staring at a girl, so her boyfriend puts him in his place. Forced to walk home in the rain, Miss Watson drives past him, asking if he wants to come to hers. Later at hers, Norman decides to kill her....

So there we go guys, Season 1 in a nut shell! Its sounds confusing, but I assure you it's so addictive! Each episode ends on a cliff hanger making you want to watch more! I would definitely recommend this to anyone, and I can't wait to watch the following seasons!

The second series, (which we're about half way through) is called Orphan Black. I'll talk about this series in another post.!

Hope you enjoy reading and would love to hear your thoughts if you've seen The Bates Motel!

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