Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Quick Catch Up!

Good Afternoon to you all!

So even though I've already done a post for today, I want to get another one done as I won't have time to do many others! Why, maybe the reason you ask! Well it's two weeks from the start of my exams, so the rush of coursework is full on! I've had a relaxing Holiday (even though it seems to be all over in a flash!), it was great to catch up and spend quality time with the family as well as me having time to write posts for you guys! 

Now on the subject of this blog, I'd just like to say a thank you to you guys. Now I know I'm not popular on here or whatever but without you're positive comments I probably would have given up or not written as much as I have! As I've mentioned before, I hate writing, was never a lover of English as a subject at GCSE but me knowing that there are people reading this blog makes me happy! It keeps me motivated to keep writing posts, some days I just want to write a post but I have no idea what, just because I want to share things with you! I hope to keep this blog going for a long time, and I hope you keeping reading! I'm still learning new things about blogging everyday, so I'm open to any advice!

So if you've got any post ideas that you want me to write about whether its a haul, a review, advice or even just a chat of what I've done in that week! I read every comment, and I try my best to reply to each one! Thanks again for reading my blog!

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