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Just Another One of These Beauty Hauls...

Hey Chums...

Okay, I've set myself a challenge! What is it you may ask? Well, my beautiful people, I'm going to try and write a post at least twice a week.. I know, I know that isn't much. But for me this is a hard challenge, especially taking the time to come up with an idea and to take the time to write it out! I'm not going to promise all posts will be long and interesting, some may just state what I did that day or how I'm feeling in that current situation! Who knows, it'll be a surprise for all of us! 

So today, I decided to do something a little different, outside of my comfort zone. A beauty haul. Don't get me wrong I love things all beauty, can't resist a quick purchase off Superdrug now and again, but I find writing reviews hard! But I'll give it my best shot!

So, as I'm a learner driver at the moment and mum has recently insured her car, she is literally making me drive everywhere! I'm like her taxi driver now ( I may do a post about being new to driving soon!?) which I honestly don't mind because I can even say to myself, that I am improving! I definitely feel a lot more confident on the road and the more and more I practise, the better chance I have of passing my test! Anyway, last Sunday she wanted me to quickly drive her into town as she had to go to the bank! This was a great opportunity to have a sneaky trip to my favourite drugstore, Superdrug! I was meaning to do an order anyways but this was perfect timing allowing me not to wait for a delivery!
Rimmel London - Wake Me Up
Foundation -  £8.99
So I've being meaning to buy a foundation for so long because I just haven't found one that suits my skin! My skin can be an absolute bitch sometimes! My skin is the sort of skin where you feel you have to keep moisturising it 24/7! Having quite dry skin can be quite annoying when you want to wear concealer or foundation because your skin just instantly looks dry and horrible. In previous months, my skin has been in particular been bad so all I wear is concealer to hide those blemishes and lose powder! I mean it's not a bad thing, but it doesn't stay on all day and by lunch time the powder has gone and I've got to re-do the make-up. Anyways, this past month my skin has improved so much, and I've decided to start wearing foundation again. I've read many reviews and blogs about what (affordable) foundations are best for dry skin and Rimmels, Wake Me Up seems to be a popular one! Even though it's a higher end product, it' s still affordable and definitely worth the money. Even before I've applied it to the face, instantly it smells quite fruity which is an added bonus to the foundation! When applying it, it doesn't dry instantly allowing you to have time to apply an even coverage. This is quite a thin foundation so for evenly skin toned people, you won't find it a problem, however I'd recommend applying some concealer underneath if parts of your face are red or you have blemishes. I applied some lose powder over the top, and now as it's coming near to the end of the day, I can say that the makeup has stayed on and my skin doesn't look dry at all! Overall, this was a great purchase, I'd definitely recommend it as a light foundation and has been great for my dry skinned, however it's not the best for oily skins.
MUA - Define Lengthening
Mascara - £1

My Second product is a mascara. Now whenever I go into Superdrug I always seems to buy a new mascara! I love testing out new mascaras and this one was definitely worth it! This one is a lengthening mascara, and honestly it does that! It's amazing, and at £1 - YES £1 I SAID- I wasn't expecting it! MUA is a fab brand, and I can always reply on their products at such a cheap price!

Collection - Fast Stroke
Eyeliner - £2.99

The next product I purchased was Collections Eyeliner. My sister recommended this too me as I hadn't found an eyeliner that had an easy applying thin brush and that didn't flake off through the day! This eyeliner is great giving a defined, thin look which was very easy and quick to apply! I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for a cheaper eyeliner but yet still gives a professional finish!

MUA - Lipstick -Shade 7 - £1

This next product is slightly out of my comfort zone in terms of what beauty products I normally buy.. I decided to get a lipstick as I don't actually have one ~ well apart from a deep red which I never use as it doesn't suit my skin tone~ I am normally a lip balm, maybe a lip gloss kind of girl as my lips can get quite dry and chapped at times. So wearing a lip stick is some what new to me?! I've worn this a few times now and I love it! It keeps my lips moisturised and gives off a great colour. It has a slight shimmer to it which is ideal if you're popping out to the shops yet you still want quite a natural finish!

Superdrug Tropical Cocktail
Peel-Off Mask - £0.99

My final product is a Face Mask! I love a face mask! Great for your skin and makes you feel so relaxed after a long time! Superdrug offer a great range of face masks from Self-Heated to Mud Masks to Peel-Offs like this one. Peel-off masks are great if you don't want to create too much of a mess or if you're in a hurry! The smells off the face masks are divine and each one is completely different to suit different tastes.

So yeah, that was my beauty haul! Hope it was enjoyable to read and hope they were some useful reviews. If you want me to do more, leave me a comment?! Maybe suggestions to try out a product and I'll write a review on it?! Who knows!

Thank you so much for reading!:)

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