Monday, April 06, 2015

Meeting him for the first time!@#!

Hello There! 

So does anyone remember in a previous post, a guy called Chuck. Uh-Oh they say, not him again! I know, I know but I want to fill you in!!

Exciting Stuff

I'm gunna be meeting him for the first time!!!

Woahhh, hold up, getting ahead of myself. I'll start from the beginning! 

So where did I leave you guys at, hmm, oh yeah! So we'd had a few arguments and started chatting again.. but even then things started to fizzle out again and we just stopped talking completely..

A month (maybe?) later I thought I'd just 'popped' back up to him, cos I did kinda miss our chats! They were funny and he was so easy to talk to. So I did what I did and just said 'Hey!'.. waited for a message, checked my phone one morning and there, in my notifications was a message from him. Instantly, and I don't know why, it made me kinda nervous!? So he told me he was single, he ended it with his ex just after we'd stopped talking *cough cough* conveniently!

So skipping a few months, and we're still talking! Being me and him, we started flirting, started liking each other and just the other day he basically asked me on a date!


So many questions will and are running through my head! Will he like me? Have I chosen the wrong outfit? What happens if it's awkward at the start? But surely it won't because we get on soo well, but then again that is over text! What will he think of me? I bet he's thinking he's made a mistake!? So many questions....

I just needed to get that all out, I am a paranoid person! I do get self -conscious at times! I am shy when meeting new people...

Ahhh, breathe!!
I am super excited to meet him but at the same time I'm nervous?! It's good to be nervous though, right guys? I mean you shouldn't be too confident... surely?

(If I haven't said, and what you've probably worked out already, I've never met him before.. I met him online through a friend of a friend!) 

Well anyway that's what I'm doing Saturday! I just need to stay relaxed, and just enjoy it when I get there! I'm probably being stupid, but that's who I am! So this post is purely based on me letting out my emotions and asking for any advice!

Thanks for reading...that's if you wanted to?!

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