Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Tea Tree Range.

Hey Beautiful People!

Today I thought I'd share with you my Tea Tree Range from Superdrug!
*Cleanser & Toner - £3.29     *BB Cream - £3.29     *Exfoliating Cream Wash  - £3.29            *Foaming Facial Wash - £3.29     *Essential Oil 100% - £3.29

*Essential Oil 100% (Left) - This is an oil that helps imperfection and blemish control. I haven't used it in a while, but a few months ago when I was pretty bad with the spots, I purchased this hoping it would reduce them. For a while it did help my face, but soon after it started to irritate my skin. It may sting when it has made contact with the skin, but before you know it, you forget about it. For such a small bottle, I would say it's a bit pricey. However it does work well, and helped reduce my blemishes! 
*BB Cream SPF 15 Light (Middle) - This is a great product for when you don't want to apply as much make-up and you just want to quickly apply something to hide your blemishes. This hydrates your skin, giving it a healthy glow! I went for a light shade as I have quite fair skin. As it's quite a thin liquid, it gives an even coverage over your skin, however if you have red areas within the face I would recommend adding loose powder. 
*Exfoliating Cream Wash (Right) - Straight away, the size of the bottle is perfect if you were to use it daily as you use quite a bit of it. I would say the best time of day to use this product is the morning, due to it be quite freshening! The broken seashells within the product definitely makes you feel like the product is doing your skin good. Once you've washed away the cream with clean, cold water it leaves your skin feeling smooth. However if you tend to have dry skin after your face has contacted water, I would recommend applying moisturiser straight after. 

*Cleanser & Toner (Left) - This is a fab product for freshening your face up before you go to bed and when you wake up. I wouldn't substitute it for a make-up remover but I would still use it after so it can clean you pores out. I would recommend using a cotton pad when applying this to your face due to it being soft yet you can still get to the smaller parts of your face that may have been missed from taking off your make-up. 
*Foaming Facial Wash (Right) - I always use this product in the shower without a doubt, as it's easier to wash off. The foamy textile is a nice feel when applying to the face and when washed off it leaves your skin feeling clean and healthy. The best bit of the product is the price, and even though it's the same price as the others, you get your moneys worth better in this product. This is due to when you use it, you hardly need anything but it still covers your whole face. 

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  1. great reviews! I love tea tree products, I have quite sensitive skin so it really helps. would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

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  5. This range looks perfect! Just what I was looking for and so affordable too! X

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