Wednesday, April 01, 2015

New to Driving?!

Hey Buddy!

So how are we all feeling today? On our Easter Holidays?! Finally time to relax, but before you know it, it'll all be over in a flash! So I bet we have a heap load of coursework - revision -  homework don't we? I've started today, it was hard don't get me wrong! So many distractions and zero motivation to get it done!

So hopefully, this will be my last month of driving lessons! Fingers crossed I'll pass my driving test at the start of May, and then I can actually start driving!

So being one of the first to start learning how to drive in your friendship group can be quite daunting as you've got no advice off friends, and you have no idea what you're going into! Okay so I know it's only driving, but when you first get in that car, on a public road it feels kinda of surreal in a way because you've never been in the situation before. 

So my first lesson was terrible, who's isn't! I mean, unless you've learnt in your parents car, you will most likely do something wrong! < First lesson > First Junction < I almost crashed into the road sign because I didn't realise how far round you had to turn the wheel! Oops, I definitely learnt from that mistake! On my second lesson, we had to turn right into a side road, but the main road was on a hill and I had to stop because there was an on coming car! Lets just say I hated hill starts from that day on..! There was a queue behind me and I kept rolling back, eventually my instructor took control of the pedals and we carried on driving. Straight after that incident he taught me hill starts, and so far I haven't done any major rolling back!

That's all it is! Practise, Practise, Practise! I'm not saying I'm perfect at driving - far from that - but each lesson I feel so much more confident and aware of how to take control of the car!  At the moment, all I'm really worried about in the test is the manoeuvres! You learn several manoeuvres (most of them are quite similar to each other):

  • Reverse Parking
  • Parallel Parking
  • Three-Point Turn
  • Reversing around a Corner
  • Emergency Stop
  • And a Hill Start!
So for all you new learners reading this, I have 3 pieces of advice for ya...
  1. Don't feel like you're not achieving anything, I've had over 15 hours of lessons and I'm still not ready. It's not something you can learn over a week or even a month, it takes time before you're ready to take the test!
  2. You will make mistakes! You can't be perfect at driving straight away! I'm still stalling the car, but that doesn't matter because you'll learn from your mistakes which helps you get even better! 
  3. Have a positive attitude when in your lessons! From about lesson 5-8, I got so bored and I kinda dreaded having the lessons. That will make you drive worse which will lower your self-esteem! Stay positive, because you'll drive better, learn quicker resulting in you passing later on!
Hope this has helped and if you want any more advice or tips feel free to email me or leave a comment:) 

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