Thursday, April 09, 2015

Through the Eyes of Two Bloggers..

Hey you guys!!

So as you know my friend G is staying around mine over night. My parents have gone away so I've got the house to myself! What a great opportunity to have a mate round, pig out and watch Netflix!

So I started my day off with waking up at 9:30, I slipped on my cardi and went downstairs to grab some breakie! I decided to have a toasted bagel, can't beat melted butter on toast. I then made myself a cappuccino which was gorgeous.

I then went for a shower to freshen myself up, ready for the day ahead! I then did my make-up but not my eyes as G was going to do my eye shadow when she got here! I then quickly dried my hair. I did a half up, half down hair do, with the top being braided just so it could be slightly wavy.

G then arrived at mine, and as being two girls the first thing we did was catch each other up with a little bit of gossip. G did my eyeshadow - twice - cos we couldn't get the right colour! To finish my look I did my eye makeup, mascara and eyeliner. We decided to do our OOTD first while the sun was still shining! It was beautiful outside, almost felt like a summers day! So I did 3 outfits; a day look, a typical country look and a summer garden party look (which I'll post over these coming weeks). G had 4 outfits, (which 2 of them are up now!

Soon after, we decided (as keen bloggers!) that we'd put our posts up as soon as possible! We did this while we finished watching Season 2 of Bates Motel on Netflix!
Once this had finished, I put on our dinner...Pizza! Can't go wrong with a pizza, whatever the occasion! Since we heard that Season 2 of Orphan Black had been released, we were so excited to start it! What a better way than watching your favourite series, while eating pizza, having a glass of wine with your best mate! Tops a perfect day!

We carried on through the night having more wine and treats until we came to the end of Orphan Black! What! Finished. What were we going to do! While deciding, we thought we needed waking up so we played a playlist on loud and got up and danced! After getting a little more alert we (well G had already seen it) decided to start watching Gossip Girl! We watched on through the morning until we were fast asleep by 7am!

We didn't wake up until midday! We decided to start our day, well of what we had left, to have a coffee while continuing to watch Gossip Girl! We so needed that caffeine! We were so tired! I prepared a fresh scone for us for breakfast, which was more lunch!

The hours flew by and before we knew it it had turned 3pm! We were getting a little peckish so I decided to cook us some pancakes! There not just for Pancake Day!! Even though the process of making a pancake may seem simple, it didn't to me cos I couldn't get the temperature of the ring right! The first one looked more like an omelet! But one by one they did improve, and by the end they actually looked like a pancake!

I then decided to carry on with this post so I could get it up for up guys tonight! I was too distracted by Gossip Girl! Something that could have taken 10 mins took me nearly a whole afternoon! I'm tired okay! Now even know I said to myself that I was going to grab a fairly early night, that didn't really work with it now being 11pm! By 7pm G went home and I started to tidy up, made myself some dinner and almost fell asleep in front of the TV!

So this is what we did! Two best mates having a good catch up! What have you done this week? Are you on your Easter Holiday?!

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